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New Brunswick PC Party loan to MLA Greg Davis


An exclusive report for CBC News on March 14, 2014. It details how the Progressive Conservative Party of New Brunswick misrepresented a $5,125 loan to MLA Greg Davis in its 2012 financial statement. It came two days after I first reported on the loan’s existence. It was given to Davis to cover five months of rent arrears on his constituency office, despite him having claimed the full $40,000 limit for constituency expenses in 2012. Both reports came days after a Bailiff’s notice on Davis’s office showed that he had fallen 6.5 months behind on his rent in 2013-2014.

Back to the well


In February 2013, the Japanese government helped install clean-water taps across Kambia, Sierra Leone. But two months later, the new taps were all turned off, forcing residents to return to wells, that by then, were no longer sanitized. In my role as a JHR trainer, I headed to Kambia in May 2013 with Africa Young Voices reporter Diana Coker to find out why. This is her radio report – voiced in the Sierra Leonean Krio (Creole) language.

(A few weeks after this item ran on AYV Radio, the council turned the taps back on).

History, out of reach (CBC The World This Weekend)


A small group of people in Sierra Leone are trying to shed light on a dark part of the country’s history. The West African nation once supplied slaves to the south eastern United States, and Bunce Island was the last place they touched African soil.

A forgotten island (Deutsche Welle Radio)

Deutsche Welle logo 2012

Sherbro Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean, off the south western coast of Sierra Leone, and bears the name of one of the ethnic groups living in the country before the colonial era. Almost 200 years ago, it was a settlement for a group of freed slaves sent back from North America. But today the island’s residents say it is forgotten and neglected.

Air Canada wildcat strike (CBC World Report)

world report

Ground crews and baggage handlers at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport walked off the job to protest the suspension of three workers who applauded sarcastically as Labour Minister Lisa Raitt walked through the airport.