• Unpublicized earthquake study sparks nuclear safety reassessment

    A 2014 study of historical earthquakes in the area surrounding Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station, and a change to how NB Power calculates earthquake probabilities, has triggered a reassessment of seismic hazards at the power plant.

  • Medical marijuana payouts to veterans highest in New Brunswick

    New Brunswick veterans accounted for more than 42 per cent of medical marijuana reimbursements paid by Veterans Affairs Canada last year, CBC News has learned.

  • NB Power pays J.D. Irving $12.3M in gypsum deal penalties, fees

    A CBC News investigation reveals that provincial utility provider NB Power has paid a J.D. Irving company more than $12.3 million in penalties and contract renegotiation fees since 2009.

  • City improves security of bus passes

    In March 2014, I illustrated how easy it is to make a copy of the new 2014 Fredericton transit passes. The city has now decided to add holograms for 2015. 

  • JHR-trained journalist named Best Female Reporter at Sierra Leone National Media Awards

    In 2013, I worked as a journalism trainer in Sierra Leone. The four-month JHR program included a period at Radio Democracy in Freetown where I worked with three reporters including Mabel Kabba. In April 2014, Mabel was named Best Female Reporter at the 8th Annual National Media Awards. No surprise to me – given her abilities and…

  • New MLA legislation in New Brunswick

    Following the reports I filed on the expenses of New Brunswick MLA Greg Davis in March (including exclusive details of a party loan and how it remained secret), the province’s Legislative Assembly has introduced new legislation to ensure MLA expenses are reported more frequently and more transparently.

  • Back to the well

    In February 2013, the Japanese government helped install clean-water taps across Kambia, Sierra Leone. But two months later, the new taps were all turned off, forcing residents to return to wells, that by then, were no longer sanitized. In my role as a JHR trainer, I headed to Kambia in May 2013 with Africa Young Voices reporter…